Signs You Need Exhaust Repair

Signs You Need Exhaust Repair


The purpose of the exhaust system is to push toxic emissions out the rear of the vehicle, away from the passengers. It’s easy to forget about whatever’s happening behind you outside of the vehicle. Unless they’re a mechanic, muscle car enthusiast, or a Nascar driver, the exhaust system is a component that a lot of people will ignore. Vehicle owners should pay attention to the exhaust system because if it breaks down it can make road travel just as dangerous as any other repair need. But the question still remains, “how do I know if I need an exhaust repair?”

Here are 5 Signs You Need an Exhaust Repair:

    1. Why is My Exhaust So Noisy?

    You know what type of car you own. And you know what the exhaust sounds like when you start the engine or accelerate. If you usually have a quiet exhaust with a muffler that minimizes all that noise, then you’ll notice when the exhaust starts rumbling like a monster truck. Unless you’ve souped up your vehicle and upgraded the exhaust system, there shouldn’t be a drastic, or even noticeable, change in the sound of the exhaust. That’s just one red flag, but there should probably be other signs before getting the exhaust repair.

    2. What Happened to the Power When I Accelerate?

    If you feel like your vehicle’s not giving you the same “get-up-and-go” that it normally does, this is a sign that there’s a problem with the exhaust system. Not only is the exhaust system the source for the emissions control, but it also helps with controlling the vehicle’s acceleration. Anytime you notice that your vehicle’s power and performance have decreased, that is a sign that you may need an exhaust system repair.

    3. Didn’t I Just Fill Up the Tank?

    Problems with the exhaust system will affect your vehicle’s engine. It will have to work harder than normal, causing it to burn more fuel than normal. Therefore, you would notice your vehicle’s gas mileage is not as efficient as it once was. Once again, there may be other reasons why you’re experiencing lower fuel efficiency, but that is one of the common signs of the need for an exhaust system repair.

    4. What is that Strange Smell When I Accelerate?

    Your vehicle has a catalytic converter to help eliminate the smells of the harmful toxins being emitted from the exhaust. If you notice a strong odor coming from your exhaust system, it could mean that the exhaust has been compromised by a hole or leak. These harmful toxins are not passing through the exhaust like they normally would, so they escape with their smells. Weird smells when your vehicle accelerates are a clear sign that you might have an exhaust problem.

    5. Is My Exhaust System Secure?

    Just taking a couple of seconds to inspect the security of your exhaust system can reveal a problem. Your exhaust is supposed to be attached securely to the rear end of the vehicle, but for any number of reasons, it could be hanging loosely. This could be causing a problem with the exhaust system’s operation, or at the very least show great potential for an expensive repair problem. If you or anyone else notices that the exhaust is bouncing up and down while you are driving, consider this a problem with your exhaust and visit the team at Mid-State Transmission & Auto Repair in Normal, IL.

Written by Mid-State Transmission & Auto Repair