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At Mid-State Transmission & Auto Repair, we have the team and equipment to ensure your car's exhaust system is always performing at its best. Using their training and our high-quality tools and components, our technicians perform the necessary repairs to ensure your car's exhaust is performing as it should. Visit us today and see why we're the go-to exhaust service experts in Normal, Illinois!

Does Your Exhaust Need Service?

Often overlooked, the exhaust system is a key piece of your vehicle and contributes to its overall performance. Because of this, it's important to have it routinely checked, inspected, and serviced. But alongside that, it's also important that you understand common warning signs that let you know somethings wrong. By knowing the signs, you'll be able to prevent a problem from worsening, saving yourself time and money. Here are two signs that your vehicle's exhaust system will need service:

Loud Exhaust

If you've been able to drive back home without waking anyone up, you can thank your car's muffler. A key component within the exhaust system, the muffler helps dampen much of the noise generated by the engine by misdirecting the backpressure of the internal combustion engine back to the engine itself. If you're driving and your vehicle is emitting sounds that make it hard to hear even your radio, there's likely something wrong with the muffler. Failure to fix this component could also lead to a noise violation from the local police, so we recommend having it serviced as soon as you can.

Colored Smoke

It should come as no surprise that seeing any colored smoke come out of your vehicle isn't a good sign, but it's helpful to know what each color means as it'll let you know what's going on within the engine. If you see black smoke, that indicates the engine is running rich, which means there is more fuel than air in the air-fuel mixture. White smoke typically means that coolant is being burned within the combustion chamber and that there's a leak. And if you notice blue smoke, that lets you know oil is leaking from your vehicle and being burned within the combustion chamber. This can happen due to a broken valve, worn piston ring, and more, and it's the worst problem of the three. Regardless of what you see, make sure you have your vehicle serviced immediately to prevent the issue from worsening.

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Your car's exhaust system helps filter out much of the contaminants created by your car's engine in a manner that's safe for our environment. Any issues with it could hinder the car's performance and our community, so make sure you schedule an exhaust repair service with Mid-State Transmission & Auto Repair at the first sign of trouble! Located in Normal, Illinois, our shop is home to exhaust service experts that are equipped with the equipment and components to provide the quality care your vehicle needs. Know that in their hands, any issue your car's exhaust may be experiencing will be fixed, whether it's a broken muffler or a faulty oxygen sensor.

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