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Suspension Repair in Normal, IL

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Whenever you drive over rumble strips or gravel roads, you can thank your car's suspension system for absorbing much of the impact. This system helps you maintain control over your vehicle with comfort, so it's important that it's always functioning properly. At Mid-State Transmission & Auto Repair, we make sure that's always the case. Our professionals in Normal, Illinois, are some of the best suspension service specialists in the area, as they carry extensive experience providing suspension repair and maintenance for all makes and models. Whether you're dealing with wheel misalignment or a damaged shock absorber, know that our team can solve the problems your vehicle is experiencing.

How to Test For a Bad Suspension

Although it can be quite easy to determine when the suspension is bad, it's only noticeable when the problems are severe. A lot of times, small issues can go unnoticed and transform into bigger problems, so you must know how to properly search for them when you suspect something is wrong within your vehicle. If you suspect problems within your car's suspension, here are two tests you can do to help determine them:

Empty Parking Lot

Suspect wheel misalignment in your vehicle? If so, a great way to test for it is by using a flat, empty parking lot. Once there, make sure the steering wheel is straight, drive slowly, release the wheel, and pay attention to how your vehicle responds. Is the vehicle drifting right or left? Or is it staying straight? If it's the former, then your car is suffering from wheel misalignment, which can make your drives more difficult and dangerous. If you notice this, it's important to bring your car in for realignment service as soon as you can.

Push The Trunk

When the suspension system is performing properly, all corners of your vehicle should be sitting up evenly. If not, that's a clear indicator that somethings wrong with the suspension and specifically the shock and springs. An easy way to diagnose a broken shock or spring is to push down on the trunk of your vehicle and see how it responds. Do you hear a crack or squealing sound? If so, that's a clear sign that something is wrong with your vehicle's suspension. Issues like this could lead to your vehicle bottoming out, which could cause additional damage, so we recommend service at your earliest convenience.

Let Us Help You

Your vehicle's suspension system plays a vital role in the control and comfort you have. Any issues can quickly derail that, so it's important you have it resolved as soon as possible, and Mid-State Transmission & Auto Repair can help. Our shop in Normal, Illinois, is home to experts who can perform any suspension service your vehicle may need, from wheel realignments to shock absorber replacement. We provide the services necessary to ensure your drives are always controlled and comfortable. Whether you have questions about our services or want to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 309-452-5595 or visit us on 1408 Fort Jesse Road, as we'd love to help meet your needs and provide you with a quality performing vehicle.

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