Signs You Need Brake Repair

Signs You Need Brake Repair

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Of all your vehicle’s parts, the braking system requires the most attention. This does not mean that you need brake maintenance or brake repairs as often as you need other maintenance services. But unlike the other parts, the brakes will always let you know if they need your attention. Other parts can break down suddenly and without an audible warning. The brakes are arguably the most important vehicle component. To keep them in optimal condition, it’s a good idea to listen to your brakes. They’ll “tell” you if it’s time for a brake service.

What’s that High-Pitched Squeal?

Your vehicle’s brakes may start making noise without any other signs of trouble. You may be slowing and stopping without any delays. That high-pitched squeal is an early warning sign that your brakes need your attention, sooner rather than later. The manufacturers have built a braking system that creates a squealing sound when the brake pads have worn down too low. If you’ve recently become familiar with this high-pitched squeal when you step on the brakes, you should bring your vehicle to Mid-State Transmission & Auto Repair in Normal, IL for brake repairs.

Are Your Brakes Just Scraping By?

We use the phrase “just scraping by” to describe a person or situation that is barely making it. That’s exactly what’s next for your braking system if you ignore that squealing noise. When the brake pads have worn down, the buffer between the metal brake parts is no longer there. At this point, you are risking further damage to your braking system that will require replacing the brake rotors. This should be considered an emergency that needs the Mid-State Transmission & Auto Repair team.

Use All Your Senses!

Your brakes can “talk” to you in other ways as well. You can actually feel the condition of your brakes under your right foot. The brake pedal can feel soft or spongy if there is a problem that requires a brake repair. Sometimes, there’s a vibration, shaking, or wobbly sensation in the brake pedal or the steering wheel when you slow down. This is usually a sign that the brake rotors have been compromised or damaged. Your brakes can even give off a strange burning smell when you apply them, meaning the brakes or clutch is overheating.

Top-quality brake repair service will keep you and your fellow passengers safe on the road. Do ignore all the warning signs that your braking system sends to your senses. You might even say it’s hard to ignore the potential problems with your brakes. If anything ever sounds, feels, or smells strange, you should schedule an appointment with Mid-State Transmission & Auto Repair in Normal, IL as soon as possible. Our brake repair specialists know how to safely get you back on the road.

Written by Mid-State Transmission & Auto Repair