Seven Traffic Laws That Don’t Make Sense

Seven Traffic Laws That Don’t Make Sense

Seven Strange Traffic Laws

Odd Traffic Laws from Around the US

Whether you’re driving through the neighborhood or across the nation on a road trip, you probably follow traffic laws. While most of the rules are clear and well-known, some states across the country have more arcane laws that address some rather unusual aspects of driving. Are you curious if you’ve ever broken or could break some of these strange traffic laws?

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Seven Weird Traffic Laws

Let’s take a look at some of the strangest traffic laws we’ve come across in the US:


While driving a car without a steering wheel may appear challenging, the municipality of Decatur, Illinois, is prepared for the event in which driving with a steering wheel might occur. In case you needed another reminder, driving without a steering wheel is against the law in this municipality.


When it comes to cars blaring their horns, Little Rock, Arkansas, is more strict than other states. In 1938 honking after 9:00 p.m., particularly at sandwich restaurants or cold beverage stands, could result in a hefty fine.


In the state of Oregon, if you are loading or unloading people or cargo from your vehicle, you should do so as quickly as possible. According to Oregon law, if you leave your car door open for an extended period, you may be penalized with a Class D traffic violation.

Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, cars must beep their horns when passing another vehicle, when reasonably necessary, to give other drivers an audible warning. If you do not, you might be subject to a traffic violation or hefty fines.


In Cape Coral, Florida, you cannot park a commercial vehicle at your home. Commercial vehicles cannot park on residential properties, according to city legislation. Yes, this means that even if you own a commercial business, you cannot park your vehicle at your home as long as it is used for work.


In the state of Michigan, if your town has a population of more than 130,000 people, you cannot buy vehicles on Sundays. If your car breaks down on a Sunday in a big city in Michigan, you are out of luck and stuck there until Monday. On the other hand, small towns can rejoice, as if your city has a population of fewer than 130,000 people, the rule doesn’t apply.


Last but certainly not least, this odd traffic law makes a bit more sense than the others. Nobody likes driving down a road and having their car get splashed by a nearby sprinkler, and the state of Montana agrees. In Kalispell, Montana, it is unlawful for sprinkler water to get on the roadway, which also applies to walkways.

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These unusual traffic laws, ranging from the bizarre to the downright obscene, demonstrate that our country is full of interesting drivers. We wouldn’t blame you if you were curious about how these laws came about in the first place because we’re interested, too.

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