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What to do to unstick your parking brake

If you drive a manual transmission, you’re probably more experienced with using the parking brake on your vehicle than driving a car with an automatic transmission. Either way, you’ve likely used a parking brake a time or two in your life, and you may even have had one get stuck. What is a parking brake, […]

How Far Can You Drive With Your Low Fuel Light On?

There are few things dreaded now other than seeing your low fuel light click on your dashboard. It means a trip to the gas station, and with gas prices averaging almost five dollars per gallon, that light might mean a bill over one hundred dollars is coming your way. It’s tempting to push the limits […]

The Components of Your Car’s Brake System

A Look at the Components of Brakes The Main Components of a Car’s Brake System Brakes are incredibly crucial in everyday driving, so it’s critical that you pay attention to how effectively they operate. When your brakes and rotors begin to wear down, your vehicle’s stopping capabilities are in jeopardy. Know how your car’s internal […]

Seven Traffic Laws That Don’t Make Sense

Seven Strange Traffic Laws Odd Traffic Laws from Around the US Whether you’re driving through the neighborhood or across the nation on a road trip, you probably follow traffic laws. While most of the rules are clear and well-known, some states across the country have more arcane laws that address some rather unusual aspects of […]

Signs You Need Exhaust Repair

HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED AN EXHAUST REPAIR? The purpose of the exhaust system is to push toxic emissions out the rear of the vehicle, away from the passengers. It’s easy to forget about whatever’s happening behind you outside of the vehicle. Unless they’re a mechanic, muscle car enthusiast, or a Nascar driver, […]

Signs You Need Brake Repair

STOP RIGHT HERE! – Top Quality Brake Repair Service Of all your vehicle’s parts, the braking system requires the most attention. This does not mean that you need brake maintenance or brake repairs as often as you need other maintenance services. But unlike the other parts, the brakes will always let you know if they […]